Skills Development Services

Skills Development Services

Break of Day Mental Health Group provides quality Skills Development (SD) services to assist and educate consumers by:

  • Using an individualized, strengths-based instructional approach to help consumers actively develop concrete skills aimed at assisting the consumer to achieve a new level of success in managing personal emotional well-being and independence in community based living.

  • Assisting consumers in meeting personally set goals using a variety of intervention methods, including curriculum-based individualized instruction, using a variety of intervention types to accommodate diverse learning styles of consumer, including task demonstration, problem solving, role-modeling, role-playing and skills practice, active listening, and accompanying consumers in the home and into the community to provide side-by-side support and demonstration to reach goals.

  • Offering flexible service schedules to ensure consumers are able to access Skills Development Services to achieve a variety of individualized goals around an individual’s unique schedule

  • Working collaboratively with Community Integration Workers and other treatment providers to ensure quality, targeted services are provided, maximizing consumer success in developing practical, necessary skills and achieving personal goals

  • Facilitating coordination of care amongst a consumer’s providers to support holistic “whole person” style of treatment to support long term recovery for consumers

  • Going the “extra mile” using creative solutions to assist consumers in learning the skills necessary to manage emotionally difficult events (“anniversary times”, for example), develop natural support networks, and reach personal goals.

Skills Development Services are targeted, instruction-based services that support consumers by assisting in the development of skills aimed at increasing an individual’s ability to independently identify and access community resources, develop and maintain connections with natural supports, and manage the emotional and practical challenges of living independently in the community.

Skills Development services includes training in independent living skills, such as:

  • How to access and navigate the community using public transportation.

  • How to create and maintain a household budget.

  • How to access 12-step programs and other community based groups.

  • How to select and participate in educational, vocational, and social activities.

  • How to manage and maintain an independent household.

Skills Development services may also include training in:

  • Effective mental illness symptom management

  • Managing stress

  • Using assertive communication skills to advocate for oneself

  • Requesting workplace accommodations

  • Effective problem solving strategies

  • Conflict resolution and communication skills to overcome social isolation and withdrawal and to promote successful community integration

  • Managing time commitments, such as treatment appointments, work schedules

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